Cat Nguyen.


Cat is a lawyer with Bespoke with skills in drafting well beyond her years. Equipped with a background in Science and Engineering, she has formed a natural bond with intellectual property law. Cat’s ability to navigate freely between the realms of science and law provides her with a unique understanding of client businesses and industries, manifesting in the provision of top quality legal advice.

Having begun her time at Bespoke as an intern, Cat has excelled in developing her skills and achieving immediate success in the NewLaw environment. Her forward-thinking work ethic have thrived under the guidance of Bespoke, where the pursuit of gold-plated excellence has come to define her work.

Cat’s ability to dissect complex areas sees her specialise in trade and retailing, intellectual property law, compliance and regulatory work – frequently gravitating to the cosmetics or fashion sectors.

Cat is not just a cosmetics guru, she also enjoys play wrestling with her miniature poodle and, of course, trying out the latest beauty and cosmetics products.

Area of Expertise

Intellectual Property

We advise on all intellectual property issues. We work with you to identify, develop, manage and implement IP protection and enforcement strategies to leverage your IP assets and ensure you have the necessary registrations in place.