fixed price litigation.

unconventional wisdom

Fixed price litigation.

Litigation is an inherently uncertain process and many businesses fear the escalating legal costs and lack of transparency and control during the process. Using our unique D.cubed pricing tools, Bespoke distils your litigation matter into 6 easily understood ‘cubes’. Each is meticulously scoped and planned, with prices fixed for each stage.

At the start of your matter, these ‘cubes’ are expanded upon and broken down so that you have the detail you require to understand the road ahead and its possible twists and turns. This unique ‘litigation map’ of the process is a powerful knowledge sharing tool, where previously uncertainty or confusion lurked. An example of the ‘bare bones’ of one of these litigation maps is set out below:

Example (plaintiff) Fixed price litigation map

First base:
Fixed price of
  1. Instructions
  2. Reviewing documents
  3. Initial assessment of merits and strategy
  4. Letter of demand
  5. Statements of claim or other originating process
  6. Brief Counsel
Fixed price of
  1. Further and better particulars.
  2. Review defence
  3. Direction hearing(s)
  4. Experts
  5. Interrogatories
Discovery time:
Fixed price of
  1. Discovery
  2. Inspection
  3. Affidavits and evidence preparation
  4. Conferences with Cousel
Time to settle:
Fixed price of
  1. Mediation
  2. Preparation for mediation
  3. Attendance at mediation
  4. Settlement discussions
Game on:
Fixed price of
  1. Preparation for trial (including pre-trial directions)
  2. Evidence preparation
  3. Preparation of Court Book
  4. Preparing brief for counsel for trial
  5. Trial
Fixed price of
  1. Enforcement

The D.cubed methodology for fixed price litigation is built on 3 foundations:

Unconventional wisdom

Conventional wisdom suggests that litigation work can’t be done at fixed prices because of the uncertain nature of the work. At Bespoke, we prefer unconventional wisdom. No two disputes are ever the same, so Bespoke’s litigation team work hard at the outset and at each milestone stage, to meticulously assess your litigation matter. In doing so, we present you with a scope of work and a customised ‘litigation map’. We present a fixed price proposal at each of the three stages in your ‘litigation map’. Simple yet powerful. We also work hard with Barristers to ensure that they are aligned with our fixed pricing model. We find that more and more members of the Bar are interested in working with us on this basis and providing certainty to clients when it comes to the potentially more costly stages of a litigation file.

No surprises

Because we do not charge our litigation files by the minute or by the hour:

Our D.cubed pricing mechanism is responsive and efficient in calculating the costs of each contingency, so we can inform you of these costs before the work for each stage is commenced. We want our litigation clients to be able to better manage their legal budget. It is no surprise that our litigation clients have achieved significant savings had the same file been completed on hourly rates. Wouldn’t you want that certainty for your litigation matter?


We provide support in whatever form will best meet your needs.


We manage matters from start to finish without handoffs or escalations.


We offer flexible fee arrangements, value based pricing and don’t watch the clock.


We can quickly scale our service to match your changing needs.


We are a virtual law firm with lower overheads.


Urgent time lines? We work to your time frames, not ours.