Jeremy Szwider.


Jeremy Szwider is one of the founders of Bespoke. He is the Group Head of the Commercial & Corporate, Intellectual Property and Technology groups and the managing principal of Bespoke.

He is regarded as a pre-eminent commercial lawyer across Australia (and has also practiced in England and the wider EU).  Proudly, he is also widely recognised as a leading specialist in intellectual property and technology law, featuring in various publications as a leading expert including in the ‘Global Law Experts Trademark Law’.

Across industry and media circles Jeremy is renowned as a NewLaw pioneer. He has been gallantly revolutionising the legal profession, shaping a law firm defined by its differences. Bespoke’s provision of value based pricing and in-house legal solutions, focused on gold-plated quality, is an extension of Jeremy’s burning passion.

Sport and his beloved ‘blues’ football teams (Carlton and Chelsea) is what keeps Jeremy’s focus away from the office, unless of course, he gets distracted by his other passions of travel and wine appreciation.

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