Fixed price m&a

Driving your deal.

Bespoke provides comprehensive mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advice on deals of all sizes from SME’s to ASX listed companies. Our distinctive in-house philosophy and seamless integration of all Bespoke areas of expertise means we work unlike any other legal practice.

Unconventional wisdom.

Conventional wisdom suggests that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) legal work can’t be done at fixed prices because of the uncertain nature of the work. Bespoke breaks the mould with its ground breaking offering of fixed prices for legal services on M&A transactions.

No two deals are ever the same, so Bespoke works hard at the outset to meticulously assess and scope the deal and present a fixed price proposal. This initial consultation and scoping exercise is conducted at no charge. We honour our fixed fee proposal unless the scope of the deal changes. We do not charge for disbursements. If the deal fails to complete through no fault of your own, you are charged only half of the fixed price.

Results, transparency, value.

In M&A transactions, Bespoke’s clients experience successful outcomes from our highly motivated experts. They benefit from our streamlined approach and have transparency from the start. We want our M&A clients to be in control of the price for our legal services. It is no surprise that our M&A clients have achieved significant savings had the same deal been completed on hourly rates.

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