Migo Sanchez.

Intern Clerk

Migo is an intern clerk at Bespoke. He is currently in his third year undertaking a double degree in Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University.

Through his academic studies, Migo has developed a keen interest in commercial and corporate law. He enjoys seeking logical yet innovative solutions to practical problems. Migo has gained valuable skills from the legal and customer service industries. He is particularly proud of his problem-solving and communication skills. Migo also has previous experience in property and corporate law and hopes to further develop his skill and knowledge in these areas.

In his spare time, Migo stays active by playing basketball, soccer or going to the gym. He also enjoys staying indoors and binge watching a movie or television show whilst drinking coffee.

Migo is further developing his legal knowledge and skills assisting the Bespoke team.

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