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More about D.cubed.

How do we define your needs?

Your legal needs can only be defined by truly knowing your business, your goals, and your priorities. The ‘in-house philosophy that guides everything we do means that we act like a stakeholder in your business and we genuinely live the mantra of ‘knowing your business’. D.cubed aligns our interests with yours, making your success our success.

How do we align your needs with our expertise?

Bespoke has a range of experts in their fields, all high calibre, senior level lawyers working within our target market segments. Our agile model means that we can match your needs by leveraging our legal resources and efficiencies, and in the process we share in the risks.

How do we agree price and scope in advance?

We are heavily focussed on project management and therefore work hard at the outset to define your needs, goals, priorities and expected outcomes and scope out the work accordingly. At every relevant stage of the process, we will present options, possible outcomes, and the corresponding price for the forthcoming stage. We are champions at project management.

How do we de-construct overheads?

We do not have the extensive overhead costs of a traditional law firm nor the sunk costs that get absorbed into their secondment arrangements. Because we are experienced lawyers and do not hire and train inexperienced lawyers, we are able to work more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, our investment in next generation technology, cloud computing, collaboration tools, mobile apps paperless workflow and smart assistants, provides efficiency and savings that we pass on to our clients.

Why don’t we (or probably you) like hourly rates?

Billing for each hour worked can encourage law firms to prolong matters rather than solve them. The longer it takes the more you pay. This means that the client’s best outcome may compete with the law firm’s best outcome. In fact, how long we spend on something maybe totally irrelevant to the value you place on our work. We don’t like filling in time sheets – our lawyers prefer to spend their time helping clients solve their problems. Our clients can contact us at any time without worrying about a ticking clock and our commitment is to serving our clients transparently, not tracking timesheets. No nasty surprises.

Who is best suited to benefit from D.cubed?

Our clients include small to medium enterprises (whether growth businesses or turnaround businesses) and the best and brightest business leaders who operate growing or entrepreneurial businesses. They demand improvement rather than status quo, and like us, they challenge the accepted norms. They wish to align themselves with a legal partner who provides a world-class service effectively and efficiently. We are that partner.


We provide support in whatever form will best meet your needs.


We manage matters from start to finish without handoffs or escalations.


We offer flexible fee arrangements, value based pricing and don’t watch the clock.


We can quickly scale our service to match your changing needs.


We are a virtual law firm with lower overheads.


Urgent time lines? We work to your time frames, not ours.