our guiding philosophy.

it's what we do. it's who we are

Changing the legal landscape. 

Change is long overdue

We are proud to be pioneers of a revolution in an industry that, for the most part, has been unaffected by time and progress. Sometimes called NewLaw (as opposed to the traditional law firm model of BigLaw) this revolution is gathering pace as NewLaw business models continue to make an impact.

Businesses increasingly demand more of its legal advisers – greater input, more value add at a sensible price point. This revolution plays straight into our sweet spot and we have the expertise, flexibility and business model to respond to those demands.


There are many law firms that say they are making a positive impact by being ‘different’. But do they really then go on to articulate and demonstrate how. The word ‘different’ is used so frequently that is has become largely meaningless. But Bespoke leads the NewLaw revolution and truly is different because:

Why we do this

Our service and processes are always guided by our obsession with an ‘in-house philosophy’. Many of our lawyers have experience working as in-house lawyers , such as in General Counsel roles.

Our unique ‘in-house philosophy’ puts us at the heart of your business and allows us to be highly commercial and strategic in our approach. Truly, it is our guiding philosophy that sets us apart. We work as if in-house in your business. It sounds simple, but it makes for remarkable differences in the way we work together with our clients.

We are not reluctantly contacted at the end of transactions to dot i’s and cross t’s, nor called only when things go wrong.  This partnering philosophy is supported by the following cornerstones of Bespoke’s business model:

Because we put ourselves at the core of your business, we are motivated by the success of your business and we are truly excited to help. Know this and the rest is obvious.

They just said they did

When you have experienced the obsession our expert lawyers have with an ‘in-house philosophy’, you’ll know that others didn’t really ‘go the extra mile’ or ‘get to know your business’. They just said they did!


We provide support in whatever form will best meet your needs.


We manage matters from start to finish without handoffs or escalations.


We offer flexible fee arrangements, value based pricing and don’t watch the clock.


We can quickly scale our service to match your changing needs.


We are a virtual law firm with lower overheads.


Urgent time lines? We work to your time frames, not ours.