NewLaw is our game.

We are proud to have been pioneers in Australia of a revolution in the legal industry.  Now well established in the legal sector, NewLaw continues to be an alternative to BigLaw and drive change across the industry.

Businesses increasingly demand more of legal advisers – greater input, more value add, at a sensible price point. This plays straight into our sweet spot. We are NewLaw and we deliver when it comes to value, quality and innovation.


Why we do this.

Our service and processes are always guided by our ‘in-house philosophy’. Many of our lawyers have experience in-house, including General Counsel roles.

Bespoke’s ‘in-house philosophy’ puts us at the heart of your business to drive a commercial and strategic legal approach. It sounds simple, but it makes remarkable differences to how we work with our clients.

This partnering philosophy is supported by the cornerstones of Bespoke’s business model:

  • complete transparency
  • cost certainty
  • value-based pricing
  • low overheads
  • use of technology and cloud solutions

Because we are at the core of your business, we are motivated by its success and truly excited to help.

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