Bespoke in the media

Bespoke in the press.

HR Daily
Restraint of trade thwarted by bonus scheme Read here
18 July 2017

HR Daily
Pre-employment steps protect company connections Read here
21 April 2017

Global Law Experts
‘Bespoke: trade mark law experts – GLE Handbook 2017′ Read here
20 January 2017

Australasian Lawyer
‘Bespoke announced as winner of Innovative Firms 2016′ Read here
20 December 2016

The Australian Corporate Lawyer
‘Promoting workplace culture: An in-house lawyer’s solution’ Read here
19 December 2016

HR Daily
‘Employer out of pocket despite damages for IP breach’ Read here
6 December 2016

‘A Brief Inventory of NewLaw in Australia’ Read here
9 November 2016

The Australian Corporate Lawyer
‘Employee restraint of trade: A valuable tool in the social media age’ Read here
28 June 2016

Beaton Research & Consulting
‘Remaking Law Firms: How & Why’ Read here
7 June 2016

‘What Is NewLaw and How It Is Changing the Legal Industry Forever!’ Read here
26 April 2016

HR Daily
‘When can an employer refuse annual leave?’ Read here
21 April 2016

Beaton Capital
‘What law firms and taxis have in common’ Read here
1 January 2016

’25 Secrets To Success with Alternative Fee Arrangements’ Read here
23 October 2015

Australasian Lawyer
‘Firm taps into client frustration with fixed fee litigation’ Read here
24 April 2015

Canadian Bar AssociationNational Magazine
‘Big law vs. new law 
 Read here
1 February 2015

Legaler Blog
‘Doing Law Differently: Firms looking to the Future’ Read here
23 January 2015

Australasian Lawyer
‘Australian first: Firm introduces fixed-fee M&A’ Read here
19 January 2015

Legal IT Insider
‘The Implications of the Uberisation of Legal Services’ Read here
19 January 2015

BespokePress release
‘Bespoke leads the NewLaw pack’ 
Read here
12 May 2014

Australasian Lawyer
‘Alternative providers slam firms for ‘too much baggage’’ Read here
22 April 2014

Beaton Capital
‘NewLaw down under’ Read here
11 April 2014

Commonwealth BankBeaton Research & Consulting
‘Legal Market Pulse report’ Read here
11 April 2014

The New Daily
‘Focused on changing the traditional legal model’ Read here
20 February 2014

Law Society NSW
‘Virtual Reality: Is the future already here?’ Read here
14 October 2013

‘How new firms are putting clients centre stage’ Read here
12 September 2013

Lawyers Weekly
‘Tech-Savvy lawyers turned off timesheets’ Read here
23 October 2012

BespokePress release
‘Innovative Tier gets larger and larger’
Read here
1 Oct 2012

Australian Business Forum
‘The New Frontier of Virtual Law Firms’ Read here
1 May 2012

Beaton Capital
‘Why innovation is the source of all competitive advantage’ Read here
19 May 2012

Law Society NZ LawTalk
‘Globalisation of Legal Services’ 
Read here
2 March 2012

Corporate INTL
‘The Rise of the Virtual Law Firm’ Read here
November 2011

Corporate INTL
‘Outsourcing and IT Developments in Australia’ Read here
1 September 2011

Dynamic Business
‘Virtual Law Firm Bespoke Law Takes Law Online’ Read here
27 August 2010

Logo Australasian Legal Business
‘Taking the ‘P’ out of LPO’ Read here
September 2010

Lawyers Weekly
‘While They’re Sleeping’ Read here
23 July 2010

Lawyers Weekly
‘Out of the Box’ Read here
23 April 2010

Out-House General Counsel
‘The Trend of Virtual Law Firms and Alternative Fee Arrangements’ Read here
19 April 2010

Lawyers Weekly
‘Lawyers on the Road a Virtual Reality’ Read here
24 April 2009


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