Stephanie Cosentino.

Intern Clerk

Stephanie is an Intern Clerk at Bespoke. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) at Deakin University. She has a strong interest in privacy law and is gaining experience at Bespoke in this area, as well as commercial law, consumer law and intellectual property law.

Given her experience in the telecommunications industry and interest in cyber law, Stephanie uses her legal knowledge to help bridge the gap between Australia’s privacy laws and national cyber policies. Stephanie is a great believer that the key to bolstering the country’s cyber resilience is through strong laws in these areas. Developing expertise in cyber law is best accommodated for by a firm that has a modern and unique approach to legal practice. Working for Bespoke is a great opportunity for Stephanie to put her passions into practice in the commercial law space.

In her spare time, Stephanie likes to spend time with friends and you’ll either find her at one of Melbourne’s newest brunch spots, or down by the beach.