The technology field is constantly evolving, much like the laws which govern it. The award-winning Technology team at Bespoke can talk to you about your legal needs related to technology in a clear, understandable manner. We speak your language and understand technology.

We can assist you in a wide range of legal needs related to the technology space. From ensuring that IT contracts are drafted to suit your needs, to handling legal issues in IT outsourcing – Bespoke can offer you advice even in the most cutting edge of innovation.

IT specialists.

We specialise in all areas of IT law and have extensive experience in the technology, telecoms and communications sectors. Our IT clients include suppliers of technology and telecoms products and services as well as e-commerce entities and online shopping portals. It helps that we are interested in the technology too, and engaged in what that technology can achieve.

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IT contracts.

We have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts covering all aspects of IT and telecoms procurement, software development, software licensing, outsourcing, network infrastructure, distribution channels and service levels. We also understand the implications of newer technologies emerging from the internet and the digital world.

Our experience includes:

  • Corporate transactions and due diligence requiring specialist IT input.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • E-business.
  • Group buying sites.
  • Hardware.
  • Internet-enabled commercial transactions.
  • IT acquisition and implementation.
  • IT consultancy services.
  • IT tenders, contracts and due diligence.
  • Maintenance and support.
  • Master services agreements.
  • Online auctions.
  • Online shopping portals.
  • Privacy and data protection.
  • Software development, licensing and escrow arrangements.
  • System integration and development.
  • Technology formation and startup.
  • Technology services and transitional services.
  • Website development, maintenance and hosting.
  • Website terms and conditions.

App geeks.

With the high penetration of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices in the marketplace, applications for mobile devices (or ‘apps’) are increasingly part of everyday life. Bespoke is expert in advising specialist app developers and businesses developing their own apps. In such a dynamic field, you need advisors like the ‘app lawyers’ at Bespoke who understand that environment.

In the landscape of apps, our specialist advisors frequently advise on:

  • App Development Agreements.
  • App user generated content moderation.
  • End User Terms and Conditions of Use for apps.
  • Intellectual property in app content, including third party rights.
  • Intellectual property protection mechanisms, including the protection of app source code.
  • Intellectual property issues, including code developed by freelancer developers.
  • Licensing of app content.
  • Privacy and data protection compliance for apps and the drafting of App Privacy Policies.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation over the lifespan of the app.


IT outsourcing

Bespoke is experienced in assisting with communications and IT outsourcing arrangements including advising on the full range of outsourcing opportunities. We provide legal advice with an emphasis on commercial solutions and service levels that help clients maximise opportunities and minimise associated risks.

Technology outsourcing

We advise on technology outsourcing including:

  • desktop and application support outsourcing.
  • general business transformation outsourcing (such as business process, finance, knowledge process, call centre services, telecoms, human resources, payroll and facilities management).
  • infrastructure outsourcing.

Contractual issues, renegotiations and project structuring

We advise on a range of outsourcing matters including pure contractual issues, project structuring, the tendering process and strategy and relationship management issues. As well as advising on new outsourcing arrangements, we assist clients with the re-evaluation and renegotiation of existing outsourcing arrangements.

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