We do some things really differently.

Bespoke offers cost-effective, fixed prices for all legal services. Clients love the certainty and value. We love not recording time.

What we do.

Our pricing model is a core competency of the firm. It’s part of the way we do business. The pricing model is proprietary to Bespoke. It is predictable, innovative and multi-dimensional – welcome to our pricing model, D.cubed.

The traditional hourly rate billing method has a tendency to create barriers between lawyers and clients, to compromise relationships, and to create misaligned and competing priorities. Bespoke is committed to changing the legal landscape based on its value based pricing strategy, whilst remaining compliant with our obligations under the Uniform Law. We sell intellectual capital rather than bill time. Put simply, you pay for the value you receive.

Building blocks.

The D.cubed methodology is built on three foundations:

  • De-construct – we remove the unnecessary layers of cost from legal services.
  • De-mystify – we speak your language (not legalese) and ensure certainty and transparency on price.
  • De-brief – we project manage and stay close to your priorities and needs.

Our pricing options.

D.cubed – our value based pricing model offers a range of flexible options to best meet business, transaction or project specific requirements, whilst remaining focused on compliance with the Uniform Law, noting the following options:

Fixed pricing
In pursuit of transparency and certainty, we match the value of the task with a fixed price. We remain heavily invested in project management to ensure the scope of work is clearly defined and articulated before price is agreed. Whilst within the defined scope of work, we do not deviate on price and we honour our matched price. This may include:

  • fixed flat pricing.
  • fixed range pricing.
  • fixed stage pricing.

Retainer pricing
Our retainers can capture all legal resourcing, day-to-day requirements or otherwise be limited to specific workflows. This can be a ‘permanent’, ongoing, or temporary arrangement (examples of where temporary retainers may be adopted includes to cover for a leave of absence, specific transaction or overflow of work) depending on requirements. The retainer model ensures budgetary certainty and is calculated to equate to the average value of the legal work over a prolonged period, thereby smoothing out the peaks and troughs. This may include:

  • a retainer for an Outsourced In-house Counsel – we charge a fixed price, payable monthly, to act as your outsourced in-house counsel based on a pre agreed scope of work.
  • a retainer for an insourced secondee lawyer – we charge a fixed price for one of our senior lawyers to work directly within your organisation for a designated period of time.

Discover more about D.cubed.

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  • how we define your needs.
  • how we align your needs with our expertise.
  • how we agree price and scope in advance.
  • how we de-construct overheads.
  • why we (and probably you) don’t like hourly rates
  • who is best suited to benefit from D.cubed.

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