Viv Lister.

Associate Principal

Viv is Group Head of the Trade, Transport and Regulatory group and advises clients throughout Australia and internationally focussing on cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, chemicals, waste and logistics industries. Viv’s particular expertise is finding direct and simple solutions for clients operating within these complex regulatory regimes.

Viv advises on contentious and non-contentious regulatory and commercial issues including certifications, standards, licences, import or export permits, labelling and packaging requirements, and local council and EPA permits and licences.

With a background in environmental law Viv has worked on a number of significant matters concerning waste and resource recovery including challenging the regulation of interstate and international trade in recovered materials and waste, classification and permitted uses of waste and recovered materials, overseas recovery of smuggled and illegal waste, and transboundary movements of hazardous waste under the Basel Convention.

Viv works with companies to understand and manage compliance obligations and defend regulatory enforcement actions and criminal prosecutions relating to trade and transport of regulated goods and materials.

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