News 2015.

TripAdvisor’s ‘bad reviews’ (part 4)

TripAdvisor, an online review platform, has dominated the travel e-commerce arena and now claims to be the largest travel site in the world, with more than 60 million members and over 170 million reviews. Readers are encouraged to ...

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Fluid trade marking

Changing of the guard. People typically think of trade marks as being static 2 dimensional brands with which consumers develop a familiarity over time. Enter contemporary marketeers and a trend towards energising brands by making ...

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ACCC’s pursuit of unconscionable claims

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) recently developed a strategy of targeting businesses engaging in unconscionable conduct in contravention of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).  The ACCC has instituted ...

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Doing Law Differently: Firms looking to the Future

There’s a scene in Richard Beasley’s Australian novel, ‘Hell Has Harbour Views’, where you find out that a hot shot Partner of fictional law firm, Rottmans, Maughan and Nash (otherwise known as Mean, Rotten and Nasty or the ...

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Why Converse is suing 31 companies

The popular shoe company Converse (now owned by Nike) recently filed lawsuits against retailers and manufacturers, who it alleges have been making counterfeits of its product. If successful in its action, the impact on imports and ...

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Australian first: Firm introduces fixed-fee M&A

The uncertain nature of M&A matters has meant that it has been viewed as too complex for fixed pricing models. But following a successful trial, one Australian law firm has begun to offer fixed-fee M&A arrangements to its ...

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