Bespoke Solutions.

Bespoke understands every business is unique.

Whether your business requires ongoing support or assistance with ad hoc projects, we deliver inspiring legal solutions to empower your business, with cost certainty.

Flexible legal solutions.

Fixed project solutions

Fixed project solutions.

In pursuit of transparency and certainty, we match the value of the task with a fixed price.

We remain heavily invested in project management to ensure the scope of work is clearly defined and articulated before price is agreed. Whilst within the defined scope of work, we do not deviate on price and we honour our matched price. This may include:

  • Fixed flat pricing
  • Fixed stage pricing

Our lawyers have expertise and experience in specialised areas of commercial law. We are focussed on delivering you value and services that are not dictated by the time spent on the project. Our lawyers are dedicated to providing you with exceptional quality of work and meaningful advice customised to your business needs and the objectives of each project or transaction.

Outsourced in-house counsel

Outsourced in-house counsel.

Our team of lawyers provides you with the benefits offered by an in-house lawyer – distinctly different to engaging external lawyers.

Our retainers can capture all legal resourcing, day-to-day requirements or otherwise be limited to specific workflows. This can be fixed for a period or project, ongoing, or a temporary arrangement, depending on requirements. This enables you to have access to a dedicated legal service, at a fixed price (eg a monthly or project retainer). You will benefit from:

  • Quick access to legal advice
  • Cost certainty with no surprise bills
  • Complete transparency in relation to legal spend
  • Customised legal services to exactly meet your needs

The services provided by our Outsourced In-house Counsel service can include:

  • Access to experts across our practice areas
  • Support resources, precedents and blogs
  • Board support and company secretarial services
  • Day-to-day legal affairs such as contract drafting and negotiation
  • Strategic risk advice
  • On-call advice to management and senior executives
  • Automated forms for generating repeat contracts or terms

Pro bono & community

Pro bono and community.

Bespoke is committed to pro bono initiatives. It is a vital part of what we do. We believe in better access to the law, especially for those who may otherwise be unable to afford or have access to legal assistance.

The legal profession has a moral and a social responsibility to provide assistance to those disadvantaged and unable to access representation. Our pro bono practice allows our lawyers to fulfil this obligation and sit on boards for not-for-profit organisations.

Our pro bono program has focussed on mental health, substance abuse, eating disorders, suicide prevention, cancer sufferers, hunger crisis and impact investment

For Bespoke, corporate social responsibility extends beyond creating pro bono initiatives for clients. We believe in participating in fundraising and community events, charity drives and other initiatives that give back to the wider community. Bespoke is a signatory to the National Aspirational Pro Bono Target administered by the Australian Pro Bono Centre and a sponsor and participant of various pro bono and community initiatives.

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