Amanda Darshini.

Intern Clerk

Amanda is an Intern Clerk at Bespoke. She completed her Bachelor of Law (Honours) at Monash University and is pursuing her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice with Australian National University.

Amanda is passionate about legal research and law reform. She is particularly drawn to emerging and changing areas of the law, such as intellectual property. She has been heavily involved with research initiatives and has presented her research at international conferences. Amanda has written several legal blogs such as the Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network, the Reasonable Observer and Themis Says.

Amanda has gained diverse experience across industries through roles such as research assistant, music teacher and editor and is particularly proud of her adaptability, communication and problem-solving skills. At Bespoke, she is developing her commercial legal knowledge and learning from Bespoke’s client-focused and project-based business model.

Amanda loves to cook or make music with family and friends. As a lover of travel and culture, she hopes to learn as many new languages as possible. Although only speaking 2 so far, she has learnt to introduce herself in almost 10, which she considers a promising start.

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