Jolin Wang.

Intern Clerk

Jolin is an intern clerk at Bespoke. She has completed a juris doctor degree at the University of Melbourne by 2023. Jolin has done her bachelor’s degree of law in Dalian Maritime Law School, China. Owing to her educational background and competition experience, Jolin has developed knowledge of international commercial rules and strong cross-jurisdictional legal research skills.

Jolin has previous clerkship and internship experience in a variety of legal practices including international tax law, transfer of pricing, employment law, corporate law, and M&A. In her abiding search for the practice she is most passionate about, she has developed a keen interest in intellectual property. She enjoys learning more about intellectual property, including trade mark work.

Outside of legal practice, Jolin enjoys cooking, FPS gaming, and dancing. She spends most of her spare time dancing. Dancehall and hip-hop are her favorite dance styles.

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