Ryan Pancho.

Paralegal and Tech Advisor

Ryan is a Paralegal at Bespoke. With experience at multiple law firms using technology to improve the provision of legal services, he is enthusiastic about the integration of new processes and technology.

Ryan is a juggler. He juggles legal research, IT, social media and digital, all with a cheeky smile on his face.

He has a keen interest in the areas of intellectual property and technology. It is no surprise that, as a forward thinker, he is focussed on bridging the gap in communication between those in the technology and legal sectors. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business Information Systems double degree at Swinburne University.

Behind that cheeky smile, you’ll either find Ryan taking Instagrams at Melbourne’s hippest restaurants, or binging the newest Netflix series in the comfort of his pyjamas.

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