Avoid paying more to protect your trade mark.

28 August 2020 | Reading time: < 1 minute

IP Australia is increasing its filing fees for applications to register trade marks. The changes commence on 1 October 2020.

How will this affect me?

If you are planning to file an application to register a trade mark without using IP Australia’s approved list of goods and services (known as the pick-list) the following applies:

Before 1 October 2020 1 October 2020 onwards
$330 (no GST) per class $400 (no GST) per class

Alternatively, you may use the IP Australia pick-list for your goods and services specifications. The filing fees are $250 (no GST) per class. However, at Bespoke, we prefer to get to know your business and then tailor your trade mark specifications to fit your goods and services.

We can help.

View the full list of IP Australia’s fee changes here.

If you are considering filing an application to register a trade mark, we can help you take advantage of the current lower fees. Please get in touch with our Intellectual Property team as soon as possible so we can prepare and file your application before IP Australia’s fees increase.