Bespoke's COVID-19 Response Team.

22 March 2020 | Reading time: < 1 minute

These are unprecedented times.

Bespoke has set up a COVID-19 Response Team to help clients manage the impacts to their business, workforce, supply chains and customers, today and in the months ahead.

The Bespoke COVID-19 Response Team is working with clients addressing issues such as:

  • Business continuity planning and risk management
  • Considerations for landlords and tenants affected by shutdowns
  • Assessing lease termination rights
  • Compliance obligations under recent government actions
  • Work from home safety and risk management requirements
  • COVID-19 related impacts on contractual obligations and duties
  • Termination rights, force majeure, change of law, exceptional circumstances and frustration of contracts
  • Australian Consumer Law issues relating to cancellation of public and private events, and ticket purchases, pre-payments and deposits

Contact our COVID-19 Response Team.

We are here to help navigate the legal and regulatory issues confronting your business and the challenges that lie ahead.

For details of all of our COVID-19 tips and updates, visit the Bespoke COVID-19 Hub.