IP Australia trade mark pick list gets an upgrade.

15/02/24 | Reading time: 2 minutes

1.            Introduction

IP Australia is replacing the current Trade Marks Goods and Services list (aka the picklist) with the Madrid Goods and Services list (Madrid List) in March 2024. This change will:

  • bring Australian trade mark classification standards in line with international best practice;
  • make global trade mark protection easier for Australians doing business overseas.

A semantic search function will also be introduced to facilitate easier navigation of the expanded list of goods and services.

2.            What is the Madrid List?

The Madrid List is a database of terms for categorising goods and services in trade mark applications within the Madrid System – a convenient and centralised solution for registering and managing trademarks worldwide, which allows business owners to register their trade marks in multiple countries through a single application. Used by the World Intellectual Property Organisation and numerous trade mark offices in other countries, the Madrid List contains a wider range of terms than Australia’s current picklist and requires more clarity for broad goods and services claims.

3.            Practical application

IP Australia has adopted a more lenient approach regarding the specificity of goods and services in trade mark applications compared to other jurisdictions. However, this update represents a shift towards greater precision. Adoption of the Madrid List will facilitate a smoother application process for Australians filing trade marks globally by reducing refusals based on differences between the classification and specificity practices of IP Australia and the trade mark offices in other countries.

A wider range of terminology will also make it easier for applicants to find and select the relevant goods and services from the pre-approved list of goods and services when filing trade mark applications.

These updates are good news for Australians seeking to expand their trade mark protection internationally, and will make Madrid filings a sight easier going forward!

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